Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I can't without Blog

Oh my god... I can't without blog. Possible, the blog has become my second life. Now, I'm in condet. Do you know condet? I don't know condet but there is my father's house. Father? Do you know my father? I call him PAPA. Papa is my superhero for me and my family. I love him. And I love My Mother too. Mama is the woman who can save me. I love they. I have two fathers and two mothers too :( do you know my parents has broken? Yaaah, they has broken. Oooups okey forget it. I don't be sad. I'm sorry If my grammar is wrong, because I've not knowledged about grammar.
Yesterday, I attended the exam indonesian languange, English and Kewirausahaan. And than, I couldn't do indonesian test. Oh my god!!! But I could do english test. Hahaha. I think indonesian test is very difficult. And I hope the result satisfy. Amin o:)
Today, I attended the exam PKN, Sains, and Social. Fuuuh Pkn so difficult. Sains is easy. And than Social little I can.

Okeeee thanks for reading guys :)