Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Aku tresno karo koe Mas @Duta507

Dear my lovely Mas/Om Duta...

I am a big fans of you and @sheilaon7. You can see on my blog  Label about Sheila on 7 and you. I love you so much. Until my boyfriend jealous. Maybe, everyday I mention you on twitter. Although, you never care about it. Yeeah of course because many people mention to you. And probably you can't read one by one. But, I'm understand about it. You are a top artist, of course you have many fans in indonesia maybe in other countries as well. I'm very proud because your voice is very distinctive. No one can equate your voice. I'm also proud of Sheila on 7. Until now, Sheila on 7 always in my heart since I was kindergarten. Whoaaa, it's was a long time, right? yeeeaah \(^O^)/
I'm not too hopeful you read this post, but I want to you know that I very very like you. I just want to you know this. I think not only do I like this, maybe other fans like this also.

Aku tresno karo koe @Duta507